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PoolPro Selects Raypak Avia Gas Heater as Top Choice - Vita Filters - Vita Filters

PoolPro Selects Raypak Avia Gas Heater as Top Choice for Pool Heating

PoolPro Selects Raypak Avia Gas Heater as Top Choice for Pool and Spa Heating

The first and only pool/spa heater with a built-in advanced Wi-Fi enabled control system! AVIA is built with an innovative Wi-Fi-enabled control system that allows you to manage your pool heater through the Raymote app, so there is no need for a separate control panel. With Raypak’s industry-first technology, NiTek, the AVIA HD is 300% more erosion resistant than copper and 200% more than cupronickel.

Key Features:

  • Heater Control: All controls are built right into the AVIA. Enabling you to automate and manage your pool temperature with ease.
  • Scheduling: AVIA estimates heating time by factoring in your pool size and set temperature, gradually learning the optimal heating duration over time.
  • Operation Manager: Manage your heater and one accessory.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi: Provides cloud connection for real-time service alerts and control from anywhere.
  • ProTek Shield™: A replaceable module that protects the heat exchanger and extends the life of the unit.
  • Raymote® Temperature & Heater Control: Raymote Mobile App allows you on-the-go control of your pool temperature and more.
  • Small & Easy to Install: AVIA weighs under 140 pounds and has a base foot print of 2ʹx2ʹ making it an ideal install on a standard equipment pad.
  • Installation Versatility: AVIA’s top with control panel can be rotated 360° giving you more installation options.*
  • Serviceability: AVIA’s patented straight tube heat exchanger design makes it the most serviceable in the market.
  • Efficiency: All AVIA models have an 84% thermal efficiency rating and are Low NOx certified.

Support Documents:

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