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Fluidra Secures 2024 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award

Fluidra Secures 2024 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award

Fluidra, a prominent provider of pool and spa equipment for both residential and commercial settings, has been honored with the 2024 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. This prestigious award acknowledges organizations that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to environmental conservation through their achievements in energy efficiency.

Among Fluidra's notable contributions to energy efficiency is its lineup of ENERGY STAR-certified pool pumps. Additionally, the company introduced the JXi Gas Pool Heater, featuring VersaFlo Bypass Technology designed to optimize heat exchange, along with the Versa Plumb System—a comprehensive equipment arrangement engineered to lower operational costs and enhance hydraulic efficiency. Fluidra has also made a strategic shift from energy-intensive incandescent lights to LED lighting solutions, showcasing its commitment to sustainable practices.

Beyond product innovation, Fluidra has displayed environmental leadership through initiatives aimed at offsetting its carbon footprint. This includes the planting of over 25,000 trees globally and the installation of solar panels on its rooftops. These initiatives not only reduce environmental impact but also lead to substantial cost savings and resource conservation.

For a detailed list of the 2024 award winners and further information about ENERGY STAR's awards program, visit

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