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Water Filter Systems FAQs

You can have the water you want. To your glass, straight from your faucet. The water you can utilize without second thoughts. No clumsy pitchers or plastic bottles. Please learn more about your water's quality and how Vita Filters™ can help improve it.

Common Foodservice & Commercial Water Filtration Issues & Solutions

Learn about common foodservice and commercial water filtration system issues and solutions here. Our team of experts has put together the most common water filtration issues in this easy-to-use guide. 

Do Water Filters Remove PFAS?

Yes. Vita Filters™ product line filters for PFAS and chloramine, chlorine, taste, and odor reduction. Our single and double water filter systems feature PFAS reduction. Alternatively, the Vita Filters™ Reverse Osmosis System removes PFASs through its high-pressure RO membrane.

Do Water Filters Remove Chloramine?

Yes. Vita Filters™ filters reduce the concentration of chloramines in your tap water and the general taste and odor associated with chloramines and DBPs. Vita Filters™ filtration systems reduce both chlorine and chloramine.

Will It Fit Under Any Sink?

Yes. Connect our single and dual water filters to the underside of your existing faucet in just a few minutes using simple screw-on connections that do not damage plumbing, even if you have a garbage disposal. Our RO system is a bit more involved and should be installed by a plumber.

Are Vita Filters™ NSF Certified?

Yes. Our filters hold NSF certifications to Standards 53 and 42 and are tested independently to eliminate hundreds of contaminants.

Do Vita Filters™ Remove Lead?<

Yes. Vita Filters™ systems exceed or meet filtration performance standards indicated by NSF Standard 53 for particulate/dissolved lead removal.

Do I need a Single Stage or Dual Stage Water Filter?

Vita Filters™ Single Stage Under Sink Water Filter is ideal for all applications, including kitchen, bar, beverage equipment, bathrooms, offices, and RVs. It's great for small spaces and couldn't be easier. Vita Filters™ Dual Stage Under Sink Water Filter is ideal for users who want better filtration with longer intervals between replacements. Vita Filters™ Reverse Osmosis Under Sink RO System is suitable for the absolute best drinking water on demand but requires drilling into the counter to mount the standalone faucet.

Do I need to use another faucet, or can I connect directly to my current faucet?

You do not need an additional faucet when installing an under-sink water filter system like our single or double system. You can connect them to any existing cold water tap or faucet head. However, Vita Filters™ RO System requires a standalone faucet to be installed (included with purchase).

Can I hook my water filter system up to my hot water line?

No. All cartridges are designed for cold water filtration only.

Can I connect my RO system to the ice maker in my fridge?

Yes. An additional water line can be run to an ice maker to give cleaner, clearer ice!

Still have questions? We're here to help: contact us.