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Office Coffee and Vending Water Filtration

Office Coffee and Vending Water Filtration

The Everpure OCS and 4H cartridges are synonymous with the Office Coffee and Vending Business. They are the same cartridge but in two different sizes and are entirely interchangeable as long as you have the additional space to accommodate a longer cartridge. The Office Coffee and Vending markets require quality water and scale reduction to meet the needs of coffee brewing and hot drink vending equipment.

Both filters address limescale build-up due to hard water and provide clear, sparkling ingredient water. Both cartridges are NSF Std. 42 & 53 certified, providing excellent filtration for applications such as coffee where limescale build-up can be a concern. In addition to delivering sparkling clean water, both feed in a food-grade scale inhibitor as the water passes through the cartridge.

The OCS and 4H cartridges are designed to provide consistent, high-quality filtered water from the first gallon to the last. The quality of water is consistent throughout the life of the cartridge, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your customers always receive the same quality of beverage every day. When the flow rate slows, it’s time to change the cartridge. It’s that simple. When it’s time to change the cartridge, shut the water off at the built-in valve on the filter head, remove the spent cartridge and snap in a new one. The cartridge change is dry and sanitary; your hands never come in contact with the filter media.

Flow rates and capacities:


  • We recommend changing your water filter when the flow rate becomes inconveniently slow or a minimum of once a year
  • This timeline can vary depending on your incoming water pressure, water quality and consumption
  • Use only genuine Everpure replacement cartridges to protect your system’s performance, NSF Certification and manufacturer’s warranty.


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