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Hayward Colorlogic® Pool and Spa Lights FAQ's - Vita Filters

Hayward Colorlogic® Pool and Spa Lights FAQ's

What are LEDs?

LEDs are light emitting diodes. They are housed on a circuit board. The circuit board controls the color and intensity of each diode. Using red, green and blue different colors are created depending on the numbers of each color and their intensity.

How long does the light last?

The life expectancy for a Colorlogic light is 50,000 hours. The light will perform for over 10,000 hours without any noticeable loss of brightness.

How do I synchronize multiple lights?

When the lights are shutoff and powered on between 10-15 seconds, each light will go to the first color show in its’ program.

How bright are the Colorlogic lights?

LED lighting is not measured in brightness. The purpose of colored light is to achieve different effects or moods in the pool/water environment. The accepted comparison is the color shows are equivalent to 225 watts.

How do I change the color options?

Changing between the color shows is as simple as powering down the light (using a switch) and turning it back on within 10 seconds.

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