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Free Shipping on all orders!
3M™ High Flow Carbonless Filtration for Specialty Ice Applications

3M™ High Flow Carbonless Filtration for Specialty Ice Applications

Filtered ice. The last scoop as good as the first.

The Challenge

You want quality ice and an ice machine that lasts. But excess moisture and other environmental factors can increase the risk of potential growth and spread of biofilm-associated bacteria in ice machines, which impacts both your ice and its machine.

The Solution

Enter 3M™ High Flow Carbonless Filters. Carbonless Filters maintain chlorine and chloramine levels in the incoming water, helping protect your ice machine from potential harmful biofilm build-up and offering critical protection from protozoan cysts. So, you can keep your ice and your machine cleaner.

Ice worthy enough to be listed on the menu.

In your commercial foodservice facility, you want to serve your customers ice that’s consistent and appealing. Let us help meet your customers’ ice expectations and protect your expensive equipment with 3M™ High Flow Carbonless Series Water Filtration Products.

Designed to maintain chlorine levels present in your incoming water to help protect your ice machine from potentially harmful biofilm build-up, you can also count on our Carbonless Filters for these benefits:
  • Provides critical protection from protozoan cysts** and scale damage in your ice machines
  • Helps keep ice machines clean without affecting filter life

**Certified to NSF Standard 53 for Cyst Reduction - based on testing using Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts


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