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Hayward SwimClear and Hayward StarClear Filters - Vita Filters

Hayward SwimClear and Hayward StarClear Cartridge Filters

What are the differences between Hayward SwimClear™ and Hayward StarClear™ Cartridge Pool Filters?

The Hayward SwimClear™ and Hayward StarClear™ are both cartridge pool filters, but they have some key differences:

  1. Filtration Capacity: SwimClear™ filters typically have a higher filtration capacity compared to StarClear™ filters. This means they can handle a larger volume of water and capture more debris before needing cleaning.

  2. Size Options: SwimClear™ filters come in larger sizes, suitable for larger pools or pools with higher usage, while StarClear™ filters are available in smaller sizes suitable for smaller pools or spas.

  3. Maintenance: Both filters are easy to maintain, but SwimClear™ filters may require less frequent cleaning due to their larger size and capacity.

  4. Compatibility: SwimClear™ and StarClear™ filters may have different compatibility with other Hayward pool equipment and accessories, so it's essential to check compatibility when choosing a filter.

  5. Price: SwimClear™ filters are generally more expensive than StarClear™ filters due to their larger size and higher capacity.

Ultimately, the choice between Hayward SwimClear™ and Hayward StarClear™ filters depends on the size of your pool, your filtration needs, and your budget.

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What are cartridge pool filters?

Cartridge filters offer excellent filtration, long cleaning cycles, and the utmost in energy efficiency and water conservation. Available in sizes from 25 to 700 square feet of filtration area, Hayward offers a cartridge filter for any pool. Cartridge filters do not require backwashing, allowing for water savings of up to 92% - this equates to 2,500 gallons or 60 loads of laundry! The elimination of a backwash valve minimizes restriction resulting in less demand on the pump and lower energy consumption.

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