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5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Home Water Filter System-Vita Filters

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Home Water Filter System

Close to about 7.1 million people in America suffer from microbial infections due to dirty tap water. 12,000 of these people die in a year. To ensure that you avoid drinking unclean water, it is important to have a reliable water filtration system. You should also be aware of the perfect time to replace your home water filter system. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to get your system inspected immediately. 

You Start to Notice Murkiness or Sediment

It may be time for a new home water filter system if you notice sediments or particulate matter floating in your water. A well-working filtration system will capture any sediment you might find. Tap water sediment includes sand, gravel, rust flakes, and other debris. While these particulates may not alter the taste or smell of your water, it is still unhealthy and unpleasant to drink contaminated water. In addition, sediments coming out of your tap can lead to clogging and cause damage to your washing machine, heater and dishwater. 

The moment you see a slight hint of murkiness, it means your system needs replacement immediately. Particulates can also be a sign of a faulty system, thus it is important to get your system checked by a professional.

Pressure Loss in Your Filtration System

If the stream of water coming out of your refrigerator is weaker than before, your home water filter system may be the culprit. Failing systems can be notorious for lowering the water pressure of your equipment.

Your Water Filtration System Breaks

If your entire water system malfunctions and breaks, it is a sign for replacement. Common signs of failure include leaks and the lack of water coming out of the faucet.

Your Water Produces and Odd Color

A working water filtration system filters out all colors, odors, and sediments. If you notice an odd color in your water such as red or brown, your filter is malfunctioning. Make sure to get it inspected by a professional or even better, replace it.

Your Water Produces a Bad Odor

The funny smell coming off your water is a huge sign for you to get a new water filtration system. Certain systems capture sediments that may congeal and get disgusting over time. This buildup in your water filtration system is a source of this terrible odor. Drinking, cooking and bathing in water like these is unpleasant, but the contaminants causing the odor can also cause damage to your clothes. For example, chlorine in your water supply can result in your clothes fading more quickly than they should. Cleaning your system is not the most feasible, thus it might be better to replace the system entirely. Replacing nasty filters is part and parcel of water filter maintenance. Change it regularly to avoid subjecting yourself to funky-smelling water. 

Your home water filter system is a crucial piece of equipment that needs to be kept in good working condition. Make sure you get it replaced immediately if you notice any of these signs. If you are still unsure if your water filter system is faulty, contact a professional to check on it!

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