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Why Your Pets Need Filtered Water-Vita Filters

Why Your Pets Need Filtered Water

When it comes to filtered water, we don’t often consider the benefits with regards to our pets. Odds are, not too many people are buying bottles of Dasani for their dachshunds. But toxins are toxins, whether they’re exposing the two-legged or the four-legged. And that means filtered water can benefit your furry children just as much as your human ones. 

In fact, there are all sorts of reasons to forgo the faucet when it comes to Fifi and Fido, including the following:

Reduced Exposure to Contaminants

Sink water is notorious for its contaminants; chemicals and toxins that include the likes of chlorine, copper, lead, pesticides, bacteria, ash, and metal. Filtered water, on the other hand, removes these contaminants, making the water healthier and safer no matter who, or what, is consuming it.

Better Taste 

We know that filtered water tastes better to people because we can express our opinions; dogs and cats aren’t as adept at using their words. Still, pets tend to prefer fresher water and may be more likely to drink filtered water over anything that comes from the faucet. This is important because staying hydrated is a key component of your pet’s health. Water helps with digestion, nutrient absorption, temperature regulation, immunity, kidney function, joint lubrication, and more. 

Improved Health in Old Age

Most pet owners want their dogs and cats to live forever. No matter how long animals live, it’s never long enough. Filtered water doesn’t guarantee an extended life, but it can certainly help. The older a pet gets, the more vital clean water becomes due to their compromised immune systems, reduced kidney function, weakening organs, and greater risk of dehydration. 

Less Sensitive Skin

Not all pets have sensitive skin, but many do. It’s estimated that 15% of dogs across the globe suffer from atopic dermatitis (better known as eczema). This condition occurs when the pet’s immune system overreacts to an allergen that enters through a compromised skin barrier. Filtered water won’t cure eczema, but it may help control it by preserving your pet’s natural oils, thus protecting the skin from allergic intrusions. Sink water, which can come with high levels of chlorine, might do the opposite and dry out the skin even more. 

Some may think giving filtered water to pets is a bit much. After all, dogs and cats have no qualms about eating out of the garbage. But pet owners love their animals and we view them as part of the family. Filtered water is a simple way to throw dogs and cats a bone and keep them healthy, happy, and hydrated for as long as possible. 

Regardless of what you’re in the market for, we can help.  Vita Filters merges water purification with peace of mind. Contact us today to learn how we bring maximum contaminant removal and healthier, cleaner water straight to your front door.

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