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What Is The Purpose of a Strainer On A Pool Pump? - Vita Filters

What Is The Purpose of a Strainer On A Pool Pump?

Why Strainers Matter for Pool Recirculation

One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in a pool recirculation suction system is the basket strainer. Basket strainers are incredibly important because they protect the pump — arguably the most crucial and most expensive piece of equipment in any pool recirculation suction system.

As water is being sucked into the pump, it passes through the strainer, which removes any debris that made its way into the system through the skimmer. Items captured can include small plastic toys, plastic pieces from swim gear, woodchips from nearby landscaping, or, more often, hair and lint.

Keeping these sorts of objects out of the pump provides two benefits:

  1. Helps maintain requisite pressure — tangled hair can reduce impeller speed and larger objects can impede flow
  2. Prevents damage to the pump — no one wants a foreign object to get lodged in their pump impeller

How It Works:

The pool pump’s impeller facilitates a pull/push movement of water through the pump and out into the filtration system before sending it back to your pool.

  1. Motor speeds ranging from 600 RPM (revolutions per minute) to 3,450 RPM turns the impeller
  2. The impeller pulls water from the pool into the pump
  3. The water first passes the strainer basket for pre-filtering
  4. Water is then pushed out of the pump by the impeller and into the filtration system before it is returned to the pool

why do i need a pool pump with strainer

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