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What Is The Difference Between Pentair 7CLM+ & Pentair XCLM+ Cartidges?-Vita Filters

What Is The Difference Between Pentair 7CLM+ & Pentair XCLM+ Cartidges?


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  • Chloramines reduction is achieved by using radial flow carbon (RFC) filtration technology with premium catalytic carbon. With RFC, water flows through an extruded filter element in a “radial” direction (from the outside of the filter element to the inside) causing the entire exterior surface of the filter to be exposed to the incoming water, not just one edge of the filter as in a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter.
  • Two cartridge options are available: 7-size and X-size cartridges. The X-size cartridges have a higher rated capacity. However, both of cartridge sizes are compatible with existing Everpure Manifolds. There are also three system configurations (Coldrink®, QC7I, and High Flow CSR) with different flow rates and capacities to serve the wide-ranging needs of food service operators. (System capacities up to 77,200 gallons [292,234 liters].)
  • The Everpure 7CLM+ Cartridge has twice the capacity of the standard 7CLM Cartridge, yet is priced the same.
  • With the new Everpure 7CLM+ Systems, the total cost of ownership is reduced by 30% when compared to the standard 7CLM Systems; and a 10% cost reduction when compared to 3M® systems. The Everpure 7CLM+ Cartridge delivers extended service life and requires fewer change-outs, the factors which contribute most to that savings.
  • The capacity ratings for these systems are balanced between particulate and chloramines reduction. This is important because some filters only provide chloramines reduction and do not address particulates.
  • NSF Certified for Standard 42 (chloramines reduction, taste & odor, Particulate Class III)
  • Designed to meet Coca-Cola® North America (CCNA) Base Filtration Water Treatment Standards

Explore the entire Everpure CLM+ Series

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