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What Is An Under Sink Water Purifier & How Does It Work?-Vita Filters

What Is An Under Sink Water Purifier & How Does It Work?

The under sink water purifier has been necessary for everyone’s home as of today. With the ever growing concerns of over-contamination, there is not that luxury we used to have two decades ago. There are multiple examples of water purifiers available in the market. Cheap ones perform the most basic task of purifying the water while the expensive ones come with added features such as adding an extra layer of filtration or adding minerals into the purified water. Read on to find out more information on under sink water purifiers and the way it works!

How Does an Under Sink Water Purifier Work?

This specific type of water purifier is a type of water purifier that is to be fitted below the sink. The water flows through the pipeline to which the purifier is directly attached. Similar to other water purifiers, under sink water purifiers are installed with several water purification processes that remove impurities from the water. You can then drink the purified water through the attached tap which can be drunk directly.

What makes this water purifier different from the rest is that it uses reverse osmosis membranes to purify the water. Reverse osmosis works by making use of a permeable membrane that separates large particles, unwanted molecules, and ions from the water. This process separates suspended and dissolved chemicals and biological elements such as bacteria from the water.


  • Since it fits right under the sink, it is a huge space saver. You do not have to worry about its parts getting entangled with other items in the kitchen or falling off at any point. It is out of sight and safely tucked under the sink.
  • These purifiers fill up much faster than regular water purifiers as it comes with a hydrostatic tank.
  • It entails a hassle-free installation process. Unlike its wall-mounted counterpart, it does not require the complication of dangling wires on the wall.
  • It requires lower maintenance. You just need to check the filter in regular intervals.
  • The purifier contains hydrostatic storage that stores purified water. It can be used even if there is no electricity.
  • No spillage as it is attached to the sink. 


  • An electric socket is required which can become an issue in some cases.
  • It may cause an accident in case water is spilled by the electric socket.
  • Improper installation of the device may lead to water leakage and cause the water purifier to function wrongly.

Points to Take Note 

  • Maintenance
  • Select a purifier that requires the least amount of maintenance. Make sure you change the filter at regular intervals.

    • Clean space

    Ensure that the space is clean and free from any water leakage.

    • Power supply

    The first thing you would have to do is to install an electrical panel where the device is kept. Ensure the panel is installed properly to eliminate the chance of a short circuit.

    • Water faucet

    Before installation, ensure that the sink has enough space to fix the tap attached to the water purifier.

    Like its counterpart, the under-sink water purifier comes in many different types depending on the kind of purifying method you are looking to go for. What you should keep in mind is that it is essential to have a good purifier in every household as a mere bottle of water is no more sufficient.

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