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Understand Your Pool Equipment - Vita Filters

Understand Your Pool Equipment


Whether you're a new pool owner or have owned a pool for a long time, understanding each piece of your pool equipment can help you become a pool-owning expert. Pool ownership comes with more than just fun and relaxation; to enjoy your pool all summer long, you need to know how your pool equipment works. Discover each component of your pool pad and what each product does to keep your backyard oasis pool party ready!



The pool pump is the heart of the pool pad. Your pool pump's job is to move water through your pool equipment, allowing water to move through your skimmers, filter, heater, and chlorinator. Keeping your water moving and flowing through your pool allows for better sanitation and keeping the pool water at swimming temperature.

There are several types of pool pumps to choose from when building or updating your pool pad, and Vita Filters offers pool pumps fit for almost any pool and can cater to pool owners of all lifestyles.

  1. Do you want a manually managed pool pump OR A PUMP THAT allows you to live that set-it-and-forget-it lifestyle?
  2. Do you want a pool pump controlled at the pool pad or on your smart device?
  3. How about energy savings? Is running your pool pump at top speed impacting your budget? There are other cost-effective options.


Your pool filters are the pool pad's lungs, the primary system to filter out debris from the pool water. Pentair has three pool and spa filters, including diatomaceous earth (D.E.), cartridge, and sand filter products. These filters generally function the same way; the pump pulls the water into a filter tank and passes through the filter (which is usually a netting, membrane, or sand). High-quality filtration in your pool pad aids in delivering cleaner, clearer water and acts as a buffer from contaminants like debris, oils, dirt, and more.

When it comes to your filtration system, one thing to note is not to rush the filtration process. Maintaining your pool filtration at an even rate can help reduce energy costs and wear and tear on the equipment.

Contact us if you need help identifying which type of filter best meets your pool water needs.


As your pool water prepares to return to the pool, it will flow through a heat source. Having pool heating at the pool pad moves water back through the sanitation system and into the pool at a temperature that allows you to dive in and stay in your pool without reducing your body temperature.

Adding a pool heater is a great way to extend your pool season. Depending on your climate, different pool heating technology may suit your swimming needs best, especially regarding the frequency of use, utility expenses, and how quickly you want your pool to heat up. Vita Filters pool heaters and pumps offer some of the highest efficiency choices while being quiet, dependable, and powerful with intuitive controls and displays.


Before your pool water returns to your pool, it needs to go through a water treatment system. This step in the pool circulating process is essential because sanitizers help eliminate pathogens and prohibit algae and scaling from developing in your pool.

There are more than chlorine-based options when it comes to pool sanitization. Yes, chlorine helps reduce contaminants from reaching the infrastructure of your pool, but other factors can keep your pool water in good condition. Look for bromine, calcium chloride, water stabilizers, and algaecides pool sanitizers.

Vita Filters offers automatic chemical injection systems to monitor pool water chemistry and adjust your sanitation in real-time to help save you time and energy managing your pool water.

That's it! That is the full story behind the inner workings of your backyard oasis. If you have questions regarding how your pool pad works or what you can do to update it, reach out to our team -- we're here to help!

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