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The 10 States with the Dirtiest Drinking Water-Vita Filters

The 10 States with the Dirtiest Drinking Water

Americans are encouraged to drink around eight glasses of water a day for optimal health, but this might be a practice in irony, because what’s in your cup isn’t always what you think. In fact, US tap water is notorious for being laden with chemicals, pesticides, ash, heavy metals, debris, and other elements that threaten health. 

Of course, some states are worse offenders than others, including the following:


Green Bay might not have green water, but Wisconsin still makes the list as a top-ten offender. In the Badger State, there are two main issues: lead and nitrates. Lead is an issue due to the presence of more than 150,000 lead service lines while nitrate levels are the result of widespread agricultural activities. 


Georgia has a long, well-documented history of water dangers. Among the most common threats are coal ash, sewage, and landfill failures. Uranium levels have also been reported to be above the legal limits.  


In a state known for its soaring temperatures, Arizonians must drink a plethora of water simply to replenish. Unfortunately for faucet frequenters, this region contains some of the highest levels of chromium-6, which is a potentially disease-causing agent that can damage blood cells, cause childbirth complications, and lead to infections. The water also contains nitrates, trihalomethanes, and arsenic above legal limits. 


Pennsylvania’s water supply has been soiled by the industry for which the state is best known: coal. Waste from old mines finds its way into the water systems, leaving them polluted. Some residents, particularly those in small towns that lack adequate resources for testing, might drink water without ever knowing the dangers that lie inside. 


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the water problems. From El Paso to Dallas and everywhere in between, the Lonestar State has repeatedly had trouble maintaining H2O quality. It has struggled with levels of lead and arsenic and, in 2018, had the most radiated drinking water in the country.


One of the reasons Florida makes this list is due to its location at the center of many natural disasters. From tropical storms to hurricanes, Mother Nature can interfere with the water supply (and everything else) quite dramatically. The Sunshine State has a particular problem with fertilizer seeping into drinking water. Saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean moving inland is problematic, as well.

New Jersey

New Jersey has a long-standing issue with lead in the drinking water as well as haloacetic acid, which can cause cancer, liver problems, and kidney disease when people are exposed over long periods of time. Chloroform is present in some cities, as well, which can cause several health issues and affect the nervous system. 


Similar to so many other states on this list, Washington’s water contains detectable levels of lead (including the water piped into schools and preschools). In fact, the issue is so serious that the American Academy of Pediatrics gave the state an F for its failure to remediate lead from the water system. While this may be the most pressing problem as of now, a decommissioned nuclear facility could pose a future threat. 


The Golden State is a repeat offender when it comes to water quality. Lead is an issue but one rivaled by nitrates, arsenic, and uranium. Like Florida, a portion of California’s problems can be tied to natural disasters. Wildfires often introduce ash, debris, and fire-fighting chemicals, while droughts can increase the concentration of contaminants. 


Chicago has more lead water pipes than any city in the nation. As a result, its water levels contain high levels of heavy metals. Fortunately, Illinois is trying to remedy the situation at the state level by passing a bill that requires the removal of these service lines, but it’s a project that will take decades to complete. 

Depending on where you live, your drinking water might not be as safe as you assume. These states are the worst offenders, but they’re not the only ones. In other words, it might be time for your days of drinking unfiltered tap water to be H2Over.

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