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Slime Reduction - Vita Filters

Slime Reduction

How to Prevent Slime in Commercial Ice Machine

What exactly is slime? It is a type of mold or fungus that accumulates from bacterial growth on surfaces that are constantly exposed to water droplets and warm temperatures. If machine surfaces are exposed, not often wiped clean, or the machine is not sanitized regularly, you will experience bacteria and mold growths in the moist, cool environment of your ice maker. 

Slime itself does not cause food-borne illnesses, per se, but it can cause ice to have an objectionable taste or odor. In addition to negative impacts on the quality of the drinks you serve your valued customers, slime in commercial ice machines is one of the leading causes of low ice production and machine failure. 

To prevent slime and keep your ice-making equipment running efficiently, it’s important to keep interior ice machine surfaces clean and routinely sanitized. Pentair offers a unique solution in its carbonless Everpure SI Series Cartridges which feature valuable slime reduction and scale inhibition capabilities to attack the problem from the ingredient water side. These filters do that job well and also help minimize the frequency of ice machine cleanings, saving you the labor, downtime, and expense involved in the process.

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