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PureChlor Chlorine Generators Support & Troubleshooting - Vita Filters

PureChlor Chlorine Generators Troubleshooting Guide & Technical Support

COMPLETE PureChlor Troubleshooting Guide & Technical Support Manual →

Below are common PureChlor Troubleshooting Questions:

Question: My check cell light is flashing. What do I do?

Answer: Check Cell Light Flashing is a timed warning that the cell has been running for 8,000 hours. This serves as a reminder to clean the cell if it has not been cleaned recently. At this point, it is advisable to check amps and volts using the Tech Mode procedure. If the amps and volts are in range, the cell is functional to continue operation. The PSU will need to be reprogrammed to clear the flashing check cell indicator.

Question: My low salt light is flashing. What do I do?

Answer: Low Salt Light Flashing means:

  1. Salt level is getting critically low. Check and adjust salt to 3500-4500ppm.
  2. The cell needs cleaning - Clean the cell by soaking the cell in 1 part muriatic acid and 4 parts water until foaming stops; about 5 to 10 minutes. Might need to do it 2 or 3 times depending on the buildup
  3. Cell blades have worn down due to usage and the cell is coming to the end of its useable life - Low Salt light flashing comes on when the blades have naturally worn down over time. Use the Tech Mode procedure to check the amps and volts. If amps are good and volts are high, then the blades are wearing down. This is a sign of an aging cell. If amps and volts are low, the cell has reached end of life and will need to be replaced to restore efficient operation of the system.
  4. The Power Supply is programmed to the wrong size for the cell. Need to check the programming. Use the Reprogramming System procedure to confirm the system is programmed correctly to the cell size.

Question: How to clean a PureChlor salt cell?

Answer: In addition to maintaining proper water chemistry, it is necessary to clean the salt cell as part of regular system operation.
  • Recommended cleaning schedule is typically every 3-4 months of operation or whenever the cell appears to have significant calcium or other debris build-up. The cell should be monitored monthly to make sure calcium buildup is properly addressed.
  • Depending on the water quality and hardness, some systems will have to be cleaned more often.
  • CAUTION: Do not use metal or other hard objects to clean the cell. Do not insert anything into the cell. Both of these actions could scratch the precious metal coating on the plates and void the warranty.
  • Cell Cleaning can be performed with either white vinegar or a solution of water and muriatic acid. If using acid, ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER, NOT WATER TO ACID. DILUTED MURIATIC ACID SOLUTION = 1 PART ACID TO 4 PARTS WATER. NOTE: FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE ACID MANUFACTURER.

See page 4 for additional cell cleaning instructions.

Question: How to reset my PureChlor salt cell? How to reprogram my PureChlor salt cell?

Answer: Reprogramming is necessary when:

  • Installing a new cell
  • Clear the FLASHING check cell indicator
  • Reset the programming of the PSU to match the cell size.

If a larger cell is installed to a preexisting system, the system needs to be programmed to the correct size for the cell. If there is a discrepancy between the size indicated on the PSU and the cell, the system needs to be programmed to match the size indicated on the cell.

  • Leave pump / pool system on.
  • Manually turn off PureChlor (press ON/OFF button).
  • Press and hold down the CL2 until the LED output strip lights up. You will see either 1 light, 4 lights, or 8 lights. The PSU programming needs to be matched to the correct cell size. To get the size of system look on label on left side of power supply P/N: CLG115A = 15K, CLG125A = 25K and CLG140A = 40K. The cell size is indicated on the cell: P/N: CLG115A = 15K, CLG125A = 25K and CLG140A = 40K.
  • Tap the CL2 Button twice to move the LED lights two positions and let it turn off. For example, starting on 1 LED indicator, tap CL2 twice, ends up on 8 LED lights. Starting on 4 LED lights, tap CL2 twice, ends on 1 LED light. Starting on 8 LED lights, tap CL2 twice, ends on 4 LED lights.
  • Hold down the CL2 again until the LED lights back up and tap the CL2 once to get to the correct LED light setting quantity for the system and let the lights turn off. 1 light = 15K, 4 lights = 25K and 8 lights = 40K. To get the size of system look on label on left side P/N: CLG115A = 15K, CLG125A = 25K and CLG140A = 40K. Or sticker on the bottom of the cell: P/N: CLG115A = 15K, CLG125A = 25K and CLG140A = 40K.
  • Manually turn on PureChlor
  • Turn off electrical from breaker; confirm PureChlor powered off, leave off for about 30 seconds
  • Turn back on electrical from breaker
  • Turn on pump. Turn on PureChlor
  • Allow the system to run for at least 5 minutes to remember the setting before it shuts off

*See pages 26-30 for additional reprogramming instructions.

COMPLETE PureChlor Troubleshooting Guide & Technical Support Manual →

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