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Optipure BWS Reverse Osmosis RO Systems Become Everpure EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis RO Systems - Vita Filters

Optipure Reverse Osmosis RO Systems Become Everpure EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis RO Systems

Optipure Reverse Osmosis RO Systems have been a longstanding durable and dependable water treatment system for coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, and other foodservice establishments. Vita Filters wanted to let you know Pentair, OptiPure’s parent company has rebranded most of their OptiPure RO Systems under the Everpure EZ-RO Series. The functionality and specifications remain the same. All replacement OptiPure filter cartridges will remain available. 

Below are a few other notes about the OptiPure to Everpure transition. 

The smaller OptiPure BWS-100 and BWS-175 RO units are formally out of stock and no longer available to purchase. However, the replacement cartridges for these systems will remain available. The Everpure EZRO200 BL models in 2, 5, 10, and 16-gallon tanks are the replacement models. We have all these options available to purchase. 

Everpure EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis Systems - Vita FiltersThe BWS350/16 and BWS350/50 are also phased out and no longer available. These models transitioned to the Everpure EZRO375-16ATM-BL and EZRO375-50ATM-BL. Please note that availability for these specific systems will be sparse and you can expect a longer lead time. 

The OptiPure BWS350-50 High Flow and the BWS1500-50HF, 175HF, and 300HF models are now available under the Everpure brand. The technical specifications, functionality, and part numbers remain the same.  

Please contact us with any questions – our team is extremely knowledgeable about Reverse Osmosis and understanding what systems are best for your application.

Discontinued Models New Replacement Models
Discontinued Part Number Model Description Replacement Part Number Model Description
164-00102 BWS100/2 EV997559 EZ-RO 200/2G-BL
164-00105 BWS100/5 EV997560 EZ-RO 200/5G-BL
164-00110 BWS100/10 EV997561 EZ-RO 200/10G-BL
164-00116 BWS100/16 EV997562 EZ-RO 200/16G-BL
164-01602 BWS175/2 EV997559 EZ-RO 200/2G-BL
164-01605 BWS175/5 EV997560 EZ-RO 200/5G-BL
164-01610 BWS175/10 EV997561 EZ-RO 200/10G-BL
164-01616 BWS175/16 EV997562 EZ-RO 200/16G-BL
164-14366 BWS350/16 EV997573 EZ-RO 375/16ATM-BL
164-14375 BWS350/50 EV997575 EZ-RO 375/50ATM-BL
164-01202 OPS70/2 164-01502 OPS70CR/2
164-01205 OPS70/5 164-01505 OPS70CR/5
164-01302 OPS175/2 EV997551 EZ-RO 200/2G
164-01305 OPS175/5 EV997552 EZ-RO 200/5G
164-01310 OPS175/10 EV997553 EZ-RO 200/10G
164-01316 OPS175/16 EV997554 EZ-RO 200/16G
164-00216 OP175/16 EV997567 EZ-RO 375/16ATM
164-00225 OP175/50 EV997569 EZ-RO 375/50ATM
164-14416 OP350/16 EV997567 EZ-RO 375/16ATM
164-14450 OP350/50 EV997569 EZ-RO 375/50ATM
Optipure BWS Systems Still Available Optipure OPS Systems Still Available
Part Number Model Description Part Number Model Description
164-14376 BWS350/50 HF 164-01402 OPS175CR/2
164-15545 BWS1500/50 164-01405 OPS175CR/5
164-15550 BWS1500/50 HF 164-01410 OPS175CR/10
164-15576 BWS1500/175 HF PLUS 164-01416 OPS175CR/16
164-15581 BWS1500/300 HF PLUS 164-01502 OPS70CR/2
164-01505 OPS70CR/5
Part Number Model Description Part Number Model Description
EV997565 EZRO 375/2G-BL EV997555 EZRO 375/2G
EV997565 EZRO 375/5G-BL EV997556 EZRO 375/5G
EV997565 EZRO 375/10G-BL EV997557 EZRO 375/10G
EV997566 EZRO 375/16G-BL EV997558 EZRO 375/16G
EV997574 EZRO 375/30ATM-BL EV997568 EZRO 375/30ATM
EV997576 EZRO 650/16ATM-BL EV997570 EZRO 650/16ATM
EV997577 EZRO 650/30ATM-BL EV997571 EZRO 650/30ATM
EV997578 EZRO 650/50ATM-BL EV997572 EZRO 650/50ATM
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