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Free Shipping on all orders!
Light Up Your Swimming Pool This Winter With Spa Electrics - Vita Filters

Light Up Your Winter With Spa Electrics

Vita Filters is excited to introduce Spa Electrics to our lineup of premium pool equipment partners! Spa Electrics is a leading manufacturer of premium underwater LED lights for swimming pools and spas. Spa Electrics' award-winning products are manufactured in Australia and designed specifically for the USA swimming pool & spa industry.


The ATOM 3” light offers superior brightness, in a small form factor. Featuring a host of innovations designed to simplify installation for any pool type; This 3” Niche light also offers a UL-listed Quick Connect power cord, for safe light storage during construction & hassle-free servicing.
Models to suit Concrete, Fiberglass, and Vinyl Pools.

Spa Electrics ATOM EM Niche Style 6" LED Pool Lights

This 6” Niche light offers advanced features designed for maximum performance. Self-levelling Mounting Ring for a perfect installation, every time. Detachable power cord, for safe light storage during construction & hassle-free servicing. External Heat Sink for maximum cooling and LED longevity.
Models to suit Concrete and fiberglass Pools.
Spa Electrics QUANTUM WN Series 6" LED Pool Lights
3” Niche for superior strength and convenient cable storage; purpose-built winterization system designed to significantly reduce servicing times and improve durability. Forward-facing Heat Sink harnesses the full cooling potential of the pool, for maximum LED brightness and longevity.
Models to suit Vinyl Pools.
Spa Electrics ARGON Series 3" LED Pool Lights
Premium power transformers for underwater & outdoor lighting. Featuring a high-performance Toroidal Coil and a watertight Sealing System. Larger termination compartments and quick-connect terminals allow for easier installation. UL listed.
50W & 100W Models available.
Spa Electrics LVX Series Transformer with Termination Enclosure 50W & 100W
Here at Vita Filters, we pride ourselves on customer service and exceptional after-sales support. Contact us with any questions.
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