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Is It Time To Replace Your RO Water Filter?-Vita Filters

Is It Time To Replace Your RO Water Filter?

Most of us can tell when it is time to service our cars or clean out our boilers. Yet remembering to change your RO water filter does not come as easy. It may be because you are unsure about if it needs to be replaced, how to go about it or when to make a move. Reverse osmosis membranes typically have a life span of two to five years. The filters, however, should be changed out one or two times a year.

Here are some ways to tell that your RO water filter is ready to be changed out.

Low Water Pressure

If you find that you have to wait longer when filling up your glass, then it shows that the water pressure is lowering. Low water pressure is a sign that your water filter is due for a replacement. Think of it like cleaning out the lint trap in your washing machine or cleaning out the lint trap in your bathroom. Once you get the lint out, the water flows a bit faster, and your laundry seems more productive.

Constant Cycling Sound

Another sign that your RO filter is on its last leg is that it sounds like it is always running. When you observe that your unit constantly sounds like it is cycling through water, you should make a move to change it out immediately. A clogged filter will not do much for getting you clean water so get a new one.

Weird Taste

One of the main reasons you got an RO filter in the first place is that you wanted pure, odorless, and tasteless water. Your filter is ready to go when you can taste a change in the water. The carbon filters in your system are responsible for giving you quality water that does not taste like chlorine but if that wears out, the water will taste raw.

Funky Smell

This is perhaps the most striking way to tell that your RO filter’s time is up. Imagine that you are in dire need of a drink of water. You reach for a glass, fill it and as you draw it up again to have that much desired drink, a foul smell hits your nose! You would probably throw that water out. In this case, reach out to your water filtration company.

While a reverse osmosis water filter system is remarkably potent, the filters in it are not built to last forever. As with all things, they do have an expiration time. You should have a maintenance routine to keep these units running seamlessly from year to year. Else, you are at risk of drinking unfiltered water.

How long your RO water filter lasts is dependent on your usage factors. For instance, a family of eight drinks more water than a family of two and by effect, puts a higher usage pressure on the RO system. Because of this, replacement timelines for both families will be slightly different. As a rule of thumb, you should change out your RO pre-filters once or twice every year. Have the professional who does the maintenance check for you.

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