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Introducing New Hayward HeatPro Series Heat Swimming Pool Pump Models

Introducing New Hayward HeatPro Series Heat Pump Models

Hayward has discontinued their heat pump model W3HP21104T and W3HP21404T. They have replaced these units with W3HP21105T and W3HP21405T. Below is the information that we were provided on why they introduced the new models.

Hayward continues its position as the industry leader in innovation with the introduction of the Hayward HeatPro Series of heat pumps that utilize industry-first microchannel heat exchanger technology to get your pool water to the perfect temperature. Microchannel = More versatility! More energy efficiency! More affordable over time!

Features & Benefits:

  • Improved Heating in Cool Weather: Patent pending defrost algorithm provides improved heating capacity at 50ºF and below so you can extend swim season.
  • Robust Coil Structure: Protects against fin damage during installation and outdoor impacts.
  • Best in Class Corrosion Resistance: TCP coating developed by Naval Air Command for durability in the harshest climates.
  • Lasts Longer: Less performance degradation than traditional tube and fin.
  • Weight Reduction: Up to 50 lbs lighter than traditional tube and fin.
  • Less Complexity: 85% reduction in braze joints means less leak opportunities and increased efficiency.
  • Lower Panel Loading: 40 amp breakers can be used on 110k and 120k BTU/hr units.
  • Better for Everyone: Significant reduction in refrigerant used means lower environmental impact, reduced energy consumption in production and built & assembled in Nashville, TN.

Shop the All-New Hayward W3HP21405T HeatPro Heat Pump 140K BTU

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