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VITA FILTERS - Introducing the New Hayward R110 and R130 Robotic Pool Cleaners

Introducing the New Hayward R110 and R130 Robotic Pool Cleaners


The all-new Hayward Pool Products R110 and R130 robotic vacuums are designed to effortlessly maintain both in-ground and above-ground pools. Crafted with cutting-edge features, these cleaners ensure a pristine clean every time.

  • High-Speed Scrubber: Actively works to eliminate algae and bacteria.
  • Interchangeable Set of Filters: Allows you to swap between fine and ultra-fine debris collection.
  • Smart Navigation: Adapts coverage to suit the layout of your pool, efficiently cleaning floors, walls, and the waterline* while navigating around obstacles.
  • PowerStream Technology: Uses jets to propel water from the cleaner, creating better grip and maneuverability on walls.
  • Weekly Timer Feature: Customize your cleaning schedule with three settings: once a day, every other day, or every three days.
  • Easy-to-Access Debris Basket: This can be effortlessly removed, emptied, and rinsed.
  • Lightweight Design: Comes with a convenient handle for simple retrieval from your pool.
  • Tangle-Resistant Cable: Provides uninterrupted cleaning and easy retrieval. The R130 includes a swivel for added safeguard.

Hayward R130 Robotic Pool Cleaner:

Hayward R110 Robotic Pool Cleaner:

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