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How To Choose The Best Reverse Osmosis System-Vita Filters

How To Choose The Best Reverse Osmosis System

It is common knowledge that water plays a vital role in our general health and wellness as human beings. Our bodies need water to stay hydrated and carry out its functions easily. However, clean water can be difficult to come by in many geographic areas. That is why many people have opted for the best reverse osmosis system to improve the quality of their water and keep their families safe from contaminants.

Reverse osmosis system utilizes a complex multi-phased filtration method to turn impure water pure. It does this by removing unwanted substances and toxins like chlorine, sediments, bacteria, lead, pesticides, etc from the water. The question now is how you can tell which reverse osmosis system is the best for you and your family’s water needs. There are a number of factors you need to consider.

The Pressure of Your Water

Reverse osmosis relies on water pressure to function effectively. Adequate pressure is required to push contaminants through the membrane and pre-filters so that the system can produce clean water. The recommended water pressure lies between 40 - 70 PSI (pounds per square inch). If you are concerned about low water pressure, get your water tested beforehand so that you can weigh your options.

The Quality of Your Water

Before purchasing an RO water filter system, you need to learn about the quality of your water. This way you will know the major contaminants to target. The understanding of the impurities plaguing your water lets you work out the number of filtration stages of need. It also gives you a heads up on whether you need to install an alkaline filter as well. 

The Design of the RO Water Filter

All RO water filters are not made equally. Some have a higher capacity than others and are designed for different purposes. For example, counter top filters are made to fit conveniently on the top of your counter while under counter filters go under the counter. Yet, the undercounter water filter can process a larger amount of water and faster.

Furthermore, the counter top RO water system is a more compact and  temporary solution for those who are not ready to make a permanent adjustment to their homes. You can even do it yourself if you are uncomfortable about bringing a professional into your home to help you install it.

How Affordable the Replacement Is

Ideally, water filter systems should not only be serviced periodically but also changed out once they reach their expiration. Here, you want to consider if the replacement parts are pocket friendly enough for you and your family’s needs. A larger family will most likely have to do more replacements the same way someone whose area has highly impure water would.

Your Budget

There is a wide selection of water filter systems available to you thanks to the different brands that make them. However, with this variety comes price differences. Yet you can get quality water filters for an affordable price at no shipping costs to you. Ultimately, your family’s needs and your budget will drive your choice of the best RO water filter for you.

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