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Enhance Your Coffee Experience with Quality Water!

Enhance Your Coffee Experience with Quality Water!

While many coffee enthusiasts focus on the beans and aromatic grounds, the water you use plays a crucial role, constituting about 98% of your coffee or espresso drink. Unfortunately, water often goes unnoticed in the coffee-making process, impacting the extraction of flavors and oils from the beans, the overall taste of your coffee, and even the health of your brewing machine. Here are five tips to elevate your water quality and maximize the enjoyment of your coffee:

  1. Understand Your Water Composition: The chemicals, elements, and minerals present in your water significantly influence its taste and can overshadow the flavors of your coffee. Testing your water allows you to identify contaminants and select the most suitable water treatment system.

  2. Eliminate Chlorine: Municipal water commonly contains chlorine or chloramines, affecting the taste of your water and coffee. Combat this by using activated carbon filters or reverse osmosis systems to reduce chlorine levels.

  3. Manage Mineral Content: Inadequate minerals in water can result in flat-tasting coffee due to low extraction. If you use a reverse osmosis system, include a remineralization filter. Optimal coffee water should have a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level between 75 and 250 ppm.

  4. Prevent Limescale Buildup: Combat limescale in your coffee machine with distilled vinegar. For hard water, address the root cause of limescale—excessive calcium and magnesium—with a water softener.

  5. Choose a Tailored System: There's no universal water treatment system for the perfect cup of coffee. The right choice depends on the unique chemistry of your incoming water, emphasizing the importance of tip number 1.

Explore our comprehensive coffee and espresso products for further insights, and discover some of our top-rated coffee water treatment systems below!

Everpure QC7i Single-ESO7 Espresso Water Filtration System

Everpure QL2-OCS2 Coffee Water Filtration System

Everpure QL Water Filtration System (Coffee)

Everpure EV9329-74 High Flow CSR Quad 7FC Filter System

Everpure EV9329-74 High Flow CSR Quad 7FC Filter System

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