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A Closer Look at Mercury Levels in Your Drinking Water - Vita Filters

Behind the Faucet: A Closer Look at Mercury Levels in Your Drinking Water

Mercury is one of the most unique metals on Earth. It is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. Beyond its distinctive characteristics of slipperiness and remarkable density – a mere tablespoon weighing half a pound – lies a darker side. Despite its intriguing nature, mercury becomes a concerning presence when found in your drinking water. This seemingly mysterious metal transforms into a neurotoxin with potential repercussions on the brain and nervous system, manifesting in symptoms like coordination issues, headaches, and even vision loss.

The predominant source of mercury in water is atmospheric deposition. Pollution of mercury in the air settles onto the earth's surface, making its way into surface water, soil, and eventually infiltrating groundwater. Various contributors to this environmental hazard include electronic and coal-mining industries, natural deposits, and volcanic activity.

The Environmental Protection Agency has instituted regulations under the Safe Drinking Water Act, setting the permissible limit for mercury in drinking water at fewer than 2 parts per billion (ppb). At these levels, mercury poses no significant health threats. However, for those reliant on well water, the risks escalate, as well water remains unregulated and draws directly from potentially contaminated groundwater sources. To mitigate this risk, well owners are encouraged to explore solutions such as a reverse osmosis system, activated carbon filter, or water distiller, effectively removing mercury and other contaminants from their water supply.

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