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Are VOCs in your drinking water?-Vita Filters

Are VOCs in your drinking water?

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are a group of chemicals present in water and air that originate from a host of household products. From paint and gasoline to bug spray and permanent markers, VOCs are used in countless products and industries. Even in the fabric of your couch! VOCs have high vapor pressure and a low boiling point, meaning they readily turn into gases and vapors when exposed to normal temperatures and easily enter the air we breathe and the water we drink. 
Most VOCs get into the water supply because of human activity and improper disposal of products containing VOCs. VOCs percolate through the soil into groundwater sources, then migrate to lakes, reservoirs, and wells. Precipitation and runoff further spread these rampant chemicals. Also, one of the most common waterborne VOCs, trihalomethane, is a by-product of chlorine water disinfection. Needless to say, VOCs are everywhere.  
Fortunately, it’s simple to test your water for VOCs with Vita Filters Water Testing and Analysis tools. Waterborne VOCs are odorless and tasteless, so testing is the only way to detect them in the water supply. Keep reading to learn more about VOCs and how to protect your drinking water.

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How to remove VOCs from water

An activated carbon filter is the best choice to remove VOCs from water. Activated carbon contains an abundance of pores along its surface. When water runs through an activated carbon filter, VOCs and other contaminants are captured or altered by a process called adsorption, and clean, fresh water emerges on the other side.

Carbon filters are not only effective but also versatile. Whether you’re interested in a refrigerator filter, a countertop filter, an under-sink filter, or even a whole house filtration system, there is a carbon filter to suit your interests. Just be sure that the carbon filter you choose is rated for VOC reduction. If not, VOCs will exhaust the filter media leading you to more frequent replacements.

If you have any further questions about VOCs in your water supply, our
water experts are here to help. Check out our activated carbon collection and start enjoying chemical-free water today!
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