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Are There Pesticides in Your Water?-Vita Filters

Are There Pesticides in Your Water?

Pesticides are chemicals sprayed on fruits, vegetables, and foliage to deter insects, rodents, weeds, and fungi. They are typically categorized as insecticides (which kill insects) or herbicides (which kill weeds and other unwanted plants). They are widely used in agriculture to protect crops from damage and disease. 

Pesticides are effective because of their toxicity. For example, some insecticides attack an insect’s central nervous system while others interfere with nerve impulses. Herbicides, on the other hand, disrupt cell division, photosynthesis, and amino acid production. 

Are Pesticides Dangerous to People?

Pesticides aren’t as dangerous to people as they are to weeds, mites, beetles, aphids, and related species. But they’re not good for us, either. Different pesticides can have different risks, with some affecting the nervous system, some interfering with the endocrine system, and some posing a risk of cancer (particularly after long-term, high exposure). Short-term, but very intense exposure, can result in the acute effects of rashes, blisters, blindness, dizziness, diarrhea, and death (in extreme cases). 

While the greatest danger from pesticides is limited to those who are exposed on an industrial level, everyone is exposed at some point. You might be exposed while playing in a park, eating an apple, or walking by a farm. You may be exposed through your drinking water, as well.

Are Pesticides in Your Water?

You can’t tell if pesticides are in your water simply by drinking it. In order to know, you must either get it tested (if you have a private well) or solicit a report from the local water supply. The latter is required to report contaminant levels. 

Of course, the best way to know that pesticides aren’t in your water is with a water filtration system. A water filtration system can remove all sorts of contaminants, including those not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. This helps assure you and your family sip as safely as possible.

Vita Filters merges water purification with peace of mind. Contact us today to learn how we bring maximum contaminant removal and healthier, cleaner water straight to your front door.

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