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5 Advantages Of Using Salt-Free Water Softeners-Vita Filters

5 Advantages Of Using Salt-Free Water Softeners

If your water is tinged with color or it smells off, your home water supply might be subjected to extra mineral deposits in them, also known as hard water. Beyond these immediate tells, other signs of hard water in your home include frequent plumbing issues, dry skin and hair, buildup on your appliances and faucets, expensive water bills, and stomach illness. 

To cope with these issues, salt-free water softeners can help filter out the extra salts and minerals in your water, improving the efficiency of your equipment while protecting your family’s health. Here are some added benefits of having a salt-free water softener installed in your home.

It Is More Affordable

Unlike their salt-based counterparts, salt-free water conditioners do not trap materials, thus there is no need for a cleaning cycle to remove ions. As a result, no electricity is required to run this cycle and there will be no wasted water when removing the minerals from the resin bed. These softeners in fact lower your water consumption and electricity bills.

It Is Maintenance Free

Salt-free water softeners are known for their zero maintenance. Once you have the device installed, the only routine care involved is replacing the sediment filter every year. In comparison, salt-based water softeners require you to fill the tank and maintain the salt level at least a few inches above the water level. It is recommended that you check and reset the salt levels at least once per month. Salt-based water softeners also break up salt bridges, which are layers of salt that develop in the brine tank. This salt layer prevents the water softener to function properly if they are not dissolved or disintegrated.

It Prevents Scale Buildup in Your Home 

The most compelling advantage of owning a salt-free water softener is that it extends the lifetime of plumbing by preventing scale buildup in fittings and pipes. Remember that these softeners do not necessarily soften your water, instead, they crystallized the extra minerals so that they do not stick to the inside of your pipes. Thus, reducing the scale buildup during plumbing. Due to this reason, scale reduction is the primary benefit of a salt-free plumbing solution.

It Does Not Require Back-Flushing 

Back-flushing also known as backwashing refers to the process of using water to clear out sediments that have accumulated. This process requires a lot of water which can equate to a large volume of water being wasted during cleanup. With salt-free water softeners, it is not necessary, which means there would be less wastewater. 

It Does Not Require Electricity Usage 

Since the system does not need to flush away accumulated minerals, it will not have any electricity usage. Thus, you can keep your power usage down. 

Having a salt-free water softener helps protect your home and your hair. But, it does not remove other harmful chemicals or particulates like lead or chlorine from your water supply. Thus, it may be a good idea to also invest in a water filtration system to reap the benefits of contaminant-free water.
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