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Hardness Reducing Water Filters

Hardness Reducing Water Filters

Hard water can create significant problems for ice, coffee, espresso, steam, and ware washing equipment. Excessive scale buildup can clog and corrode, resulting in increased energy usage and higher operating costs.

An analysis of your water to determine the correct water treatment solution for your operation. 

Water               Grains / Gallon   Mg / l or ppm  

  • Soft                          < 1.0                    0 - 17.1  
  • Slightly Hard             1.0 - 3.5            17.1 - 60  
  • Moderately Hard        3.5 - 7.0              60 - 120  
  • Hard                        7.0 - 10.5           120 - 180  
  • Very Hard                  > 10.5                 180 +  

Hardness Reduction

Hard water can cause significant problems for espresso, coffee, ice, shower, steam & dishwashing equipment. Excessive scale buildup can corrode and clog, increasing operating costs and energy usage.

Fortunately, you can quickly reduce water hardness by installing a water hardness-reducing filter or a water-softening system in your home. Today, you can get top-quality water hardness-reducing filters or filter cartridges from Vita Filters!

About Our Hardness Reduction Filters

We carry various quality hardness-reducing filters here at Vita Filters, which are easy to install and have complete customizability to match any of your water purification needs.

Our Omnipure SCL10-B Inline Filter with Scale Inhibitor 1/4" FPT is a favorite choice of many of our customers regarding hardness reduction filters. Its simple design provides a compact, affordable package while delivering exceptional performance. The SCL-10 is easy-to-use, has an economical inline filter that helps reduce taste, color, and chlorine in water by using polyphosphate.

Why Choose Vita Filters?

At Vita Filters, we intensely focus on producing the best test results possible. Regardless of your chosen product, our filters are well-tested and guaranteed for optimal use and safety. Our filters are NSF-certified and third-party tested, helping remove key contaminants in tap water, such as chlorine, chloramine, and sediment. This is important as it means you can be confident knowing that you and your loved ones can enjoy safe, great-tasting water!

For more information about our Hardness Reduction Filters, please get in touch with us today!