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Erosion Feeders

A swimming pool erosion feeder, or an erosion feeder or erosion chlorinator, is a device used to introduce chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals into a swimming pool's water. It operates by slowly dissolving chlorine tablets or sticks placed inside the feeder, which then releases the chlorine into the pool water at a controlled rate.

The erosion feeder typically consists of a chamber or container where the chlorine tablets are housed, and water flows through the feeder, allowing it to dissolve the tablets gradually. This helps maintain a consistent level of chlorine in the pool water, which is essential for killing bacteria, algae, and other harmful microorganisms to keep the water clean and safe for swimming.

Erosion feeders are commonly used in residential and commercial swimming pools as part of the overall maintenance system. They are relatively easy to install and operate, requiring periodic refilling of chlorine tablets as they dissolve over time. Properly maintained erosion feeders can help ensure the pool water remains properly sanitized and free from contaminants.