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Proven Water Filtration Systems Resolve Consequential Foodservice Issues-Vita Filters

Proven Water Filtration Systems Resolve Consequential Foodservice Issues

RO and scale inhibition are two of the most common foodservice issues. Below we have outlined best selling products to address different applications: 

Specialty coffee, for example: removing dissolved minerals (TDS) and preventing scale buildup not only boosts efficiency and extends machine life, it is a key to maintaining proper water temperature in the boiler chamber – a critical factor in serving the quality beverages customers expect, consistently. OptiPure RO systems already are the choice among major global marketers.

Furthermore, the revolutionary OptiPure ScaleX2 nano-crystal technology for eliminating lime-scale build-up. This long-lasting, low-maintenance method is finding a home in coffee brewers, ovens with steam generators, misting systems, and other applications. And scale inhibition using OptiPure’s IsoNet® cartridges ensures more-even distribution of media in the water path – resulting in up to 5 times the corrosion protection of competitive products.

Chloramine reduction, a major concern among soft drink and other beverage makers, is another ‘mission critical’ area where OptiPure systems offer superb performance. Their ChloraMax cartridges generate ultra-high catalytic activity and, in turn, ultra-high reduction capacity.

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