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What is the Difference Between POE and POU?-Vita Filters

What is the Difference Between POE and POU?

  • Point of Use (POU) water treatment systems typically treat water in batches and deliver water to a single tap, such as a kitchen sink faucet or an auxiliary faucet.
  • Point of Entry (POE) water treatment systems typically treat most of the water entering a residence. Point of entry systems, or whole-house systems, are usually installed after the water meter.

If you just want to improve the drinking water from your tap in the kitchen, then a POU system will probably do the trick. If your residence faces unique water challenges, or you just want better water to both drink and bath in throughout your home, a POE system might be the better choice for you


Filtration is a physical process that occurs when liquids, gases, and dissolved or suspended matter adhere to the surface of, or in the pores of, an absorbent medium.

Filtration of contaminants depends highly on the amount of contaminant, size of the contaminant particle, and the charge of the contaminant particle. Depending on the household’s water needs, pretreatment before filtration may include the addition of coagulants and powdered activated carbon, adjustments in pH or chlorine concentration levels, and other pretreatment processes in order to protect the filter’s membrane surface.

Please Note: This document is designed as a guide for household water treatment, not a recommendation. Before installing a household water treatment system, contact your local health department’s environmental health group for consultation.

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