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Learn About Pressure Pool Cleaners

Learn About Pressure Pool Cleaners

In your search for the optimal automatic pool cleaner, you may have come across information about pressure-side pool cleaners. Alongside suction-side pool cleaners and robotic counterparts, pressure-side pool cleaners represent one of the three prevalent automatic pool cleaner designs in today's market.

Let's delve deeper into understanding the pressure-side pool cleaner.

What Defines a Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner?

A pressure-side pool cleaner is designed to connect directly to either a dedicated pressure cleaner line or a return outlet within your pool. This connection typically occurs at the final stage of your pool's filtration system. After undergoing the filtration process, the pump releases purified water back into the pool through the return outlet.

In most instances, a pressure-side pool cleaner utilizes water pressure generated by a dedicated booster pump to navigate the pool's surface. Some models, with adjustments to pool equipment, can function with a standard return line. Whether connected to a separate booster pump or a standard return line, the pressure-side pool cleaner moves around the pool, using treated water to create suction and gather debris into a filter bag attached to the cleaner.

Beyond merely capturing debris in its filter bag, pressure cleaners operate by dislodging other particles. If not collected by the cleaner, these particles are then directed into your pool's natural filtration system.

Is a Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner the Right Choice for You?

Pressure-side pool cleaners are available for both above-ground and in-ground pools. Your pool's surface and specific debris requirements will influence the most suitable automatic cleaner for your needs. Seeking advice from a pool professional can help determine if a pressure-side pool cleaner aligns with your requirements.

Most pressure-side pool cleaners boast a spacious inlet, ideal for collecting larger debris such as leaves, acorns, twigs, and pebbles. All pressure-side pool cleaner models provide various debris bags and canisters tailored to collect different types of debris, ranging from fine sediment to more substantial items.

In addition to debris removal, pressure cleaners facilitate the even distribution of heated, purified water across the entire pool, minimizing cold spots. Pressure cleaners offer several advantages, including ease of use, comprehensive pool coverage, extended lifespan, easy maintenance, and tangle-free movement with long hoses.

Not all pressure cleaners are identical, so it's crucial to choose the model that suits your pool's specifications. If you're exploring top-notch pressure-side pool cleaners, consider exploring the Polaris® pressure-side pool cleaner line, which includes models like the Polaris Quattro™ Sport and the popular Polaris Vac-Sweep® 360 (also known as the Polaris 360).

Making the Right Decision for Your Pool

Automatic pool cleaners are indispensable for pool maintenance, and pressure-side pool cleaners stand out as an excellent choice for many pool owners. Explore our comprehensive range of pressure cleaners and consult with your pool professional to identify the model that best aligns with your unique pool maintenance needs.
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