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Free Shipping on all orders!

Pentair IntelliBrite Architectural Series Pool and Spa Lighting

SKU 602185
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Elevate nighttime pool experiences with the next generation of LED underwater pool lighting. The IntelliBrite Architectural Series Lights deliver a more dazzling and dynamic LED pool lighting experience with a brighter light and greater energy efficiency*. With refined optics and easy automation, it's like having a brand-new pool to explore.

  • More light, more energy efficient — now 60% brighter and 50% more energy efficient*
  • Spreads light widely and evenly in all directions to minimize hot spots, dark areas, glare and stripes
  • Match your mood with five brilliant colors and seven dynamic color-changing light shows with IntelliBrite Architectural Series Color Pool Light
  • IntelliBrite Architectural Series White Pool Light illuminates the pool with revealing white light or a soothing warm white
  • Easy pool control through a Pentair automation system and Pentair Home app for instant ambiance
  • Ideal upgrade from incandescent or Pentair first-generation LED lighting
  • Improved proprietary LED product design from a trusted pool lighting leader

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602185 Pool Multi-Color 120V 28W 30 N/A
602186 Pool Multi-Color 120V 28W 50 N/A
602187 Pool Multi-Color 120V 28W 100 N/A
602188 Pool Multi-Color 120V 28W 150 N/A
602206 Pool Multi-Color 120V 28W 250 N/A
602151 Pool Multi-Color 12V 28W 30 N/A
602152 Pool Multi-Color 12V 28W 50 N/A
602153 Pool Multi-Color 12V 28W 100 N/A
602154 Pool Multi-Color 12V 28W 150 N/A
602201 Spa Multi-Color 120V 18W 30 N/A
602202 Spa Multi-Color 120V 18W 50 N/A
602203 Spa Multi-Color 120V 18W 100 N/A
602204 Spa Multi-Color 120V 18W 150 N/A
602205 Spa Multi-Color 120V 18W 250 N/A
602197 Spa Multi-Color 12V 18W 30 N/A
602198 Spa Multi-Color 12V 18W 50 N/A
602199 Spa Multi-Color 12V 18W 100 N/A
602200 Spa Multi-Color 12V 18W 150 N/A
602181 Pool White 120V 26W 30 300W
602182 Pool White 120V 26W 50 300W
602183 Pool White 120V 26W 100 300W
602184 Pool White 120V 26W 150 300W
602207 Pool White 120V 26W 250 300W
602143 Pool White 12V 26W 30 300W
602144 Pool White 12V 26W 50 300W
602145 Pool White 12V 26W 100 300W
602146 Pool White 12V 26W 150 300W
602177 Pool White 120V 31W 30 500W
602178 Pool White 120V 31W 50 500W
602179 Pool White 120V 31W 100 500W
602180 Pool White 120V 31W 150 500W
602208 Pool White 120V 31W 250 500W
602139 Pool White 12V 31W 30 500W
602140 Pool White 12V 31W 50 500W
602141 Pool White 12V 31W 100 500W
602142 Pool White 12V 31W 150 500W
602193 Spa White 120V 18W 30 100W
602194 Spa White 120V 18W 50 100W
602195 Spa White 120V 18W 100 100W
602196 Spa White 120V 18W 150 100W
602209 Spa White 120V 18W 250 100W
618015 Spa White 12V 18W 30 100W
618016 Spa White 12V 18W 50 100W
618017 Spa White 12V 18W 100 100W
618018 Spa White 12V 18W 150 100W
602147 Pool Warm White 12V 31W 30 N/A
602148 Pool Warm White 12V 31W 50 N/A
602149 Pool Warm White 12V 31W 100 N/A
602150 Pool Warm White 12V 31W 150 N/A
602189 Pool Warm White 120V 31W 30 N/A
602190 Pool Warm White 120V 31W 50 N/A
602191 Pool Warm White 120V 31W 100 N/A
602192 Pool Warm White 120V 31W 150 N/A
602221 Pool Warm White 120V 31W 250 N/A
602238 Spa Warm White 12V 18W 30 N/A
602239 Spa Warm White 12V 18W 50 N/A
602240 Spa Warm White 12V 18W 100 N/A
602241 Spa Warm White 12V 18W 150 N/A
602225 Spa Warm White 120V 18W 30 N/A
602226 Spa Warm White 120V 18W 50 N/A
602227 Spa Warm White 120V 18W 100 N/A
602228 Spa Warm White 120V 18W 150 N/A
602229 Spa Warm White 120V 18W 250 N/A
602236 Pool Turtle 12V TBD 150 N/A
602223 Pool Turtle 120V TBD 150 N/A
602242 Spa Turtle 12V 18W 150 N/A
602231 Spa Turtle 120V 18W 150 N/A
602249 Spa Multi-Color (Royal) 120V 18W 150 N/A
602248 Spa Multi-Color (Royal) 12V 18W 150 N/A

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