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OptiPure BWS1500 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

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Vita Filters offers four different BWS1500 configurations: 50-gallon tank normal pump (BWS1500/50), 50-gallon tank High Flow application (BWS1500/50 HF), 175-gallon tank (BWS1500/175 HF PLUS), and 300-gallon tank (BWS1500/300 HF PLUS). If used for beverage applications, we suggest a Pre and Post filter. Our customers find dunnage racks are nice with these larger systems.

164-15581 BWS1500/300 HF PLUS
164-15576 BWS1500/175 HF PLUS
164-15550 BWS1500/50 HF RO SYSTEM 1500GPD
164-15545 BWS1500/50 RO SYSTEM

The Pentair OptiPure BWS1500 Water Treatment System utilizes Reverse Osmosis (RO) to remove >97% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from water. Then, a balance of minerals is dissolved into the RO water, followed by a precision blend valve for further TDS adjustment to provide desirable optimized water TDS.

  • Application: Any food service equipment where it is desirable to remove existing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and provide a consistent balance of buffered TDS.
  • Virtually eliminates scale and corrosion problems related to high TDS, water hardness, or chlorides.
  • The precision blending valve allows the user to accurately and precisely blend filtered water with mineral-addition water to a desired optimized TDS Level.
  • The rotary vane pressure pump assures consistent production.
  • Adjustable reject flow control minimizes water use due to seasonal fluctuations in water temperature.
  • High-capacity Pre-filters take out sediment and chlorine and protect the RO membrane.
  • The precision blending valve allows the user to accurately and precisely blend a calculated amount of filtered water with the RO product water.
  • Digital before and after TDS meter for push-button monitoring of membrane performance and optimized water quality.
  • Sample port enables quick and simple system checks and adjustments.
  • Built-in pressure gauge allows visual monitoring of operating pressure.
  • Integrated system bypass valve eliminates downtime or service interruptions.
  • All consumables are easy-to-change Qwik-Twist cartridges

Replacement Cartgides:

  • CTO-Q Pre-Filter 300-05830 (3)
  • AMS-QT4021XLE Membrane 204-44021 (1)
  • MA-Q15 Post-Filter 300-05855 (1)


BWS1500/50 164-15545:

BWS1500/50 HF 164-15550:

BWS1500/175 HF PLUS 164-15576:

BWS1500/300 HF PLUS 164-15581: 

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