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Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Universal Caddy Cart 9996084-ASSY

SKU 9996084-ASSY
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  • The Dolphin Universal Caddy Fits any Cleaner for Easy Transport and Storage
  • Maytronics Certified Genuine Parts; Keep your Dolphin pool cleaner in top condition


    • Package Dimensions 23.307 x 19.37 x 13.78 inch
    • Gross Weight 14.884 lbs
    • Warranty (years): 1 year
    • Compatible with: Dolphin Wave 100, Dolphin Sigma, Dolphin M400, Dolphin Wave 60, Dolphin Wave 80, Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, Dolphin ADVANTAGE, Dolphin Nautilus CC, Dolphin Proteus DX3, Dolphin Echo, Dolphin S100, Dolphin S50, Dolphin E10, Dolphin T15, Dolphin Cayman, Dolphin T25, Dolphin Active Solo, Dolphin Active 15, Dolphin Explorer E20, Dolphin Active 10, Dolphin Escape, Dolphin Encore, Dolphin ADVANTAGE ULTRA, Dolphin S200, Dolphin Quantum, Dolphin Active 20, Dolphin ADVANTAGE PRO, Dolphin Proteus DX4, Dolphin Proteus DX5i, Dolphin S300, Dolphin Active 30, Dolphin T35, Dolphin T45, Dolphin T55i, Dolphin S400, Dolphin Active 40, Dolphin Explorer E50, Dolphin Premier, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus w/ Wi-Fi, Dolphin M600, Dolphin Active 60, Dolphin Explorer E70, Dolphin W20, Explorer, Dolphin DIVER PRO 150, EX45, Dolphin EX45, Dolphin Zenit 15, Dolphin Active Classic, Dolphin Easy Comfort, Dolphin KAPTUR 150, Dolphin X60, Dolphin Zenit 15, Dolphin Maximus X70, Dolphin Zenit 20, Dolphin Active X4, Dolphin Comfort Active, Dolphin KAPTUR 400, Dolphin Dolphin 4, Dolphin TopStar gold, Dolphin Zenit 20, Dolphin Evolution 50, Dolphin DIVER PRO 400, Dolphin DIVER PRO 400, Dolphin EX60, Dolphin DIVER PRO 500, Dolphin Blue Maxi 65, Dolphin DIVER PRO 500, Dolphin Evolution 60, F60, Dolphin F60, PS60, SF60, Dolphin SF60, Dolphin Swell MX, Dolphin Maximus X90, Dolphin Active X5, Dolphin Deluxe Active, Dolphin KAPTUR 500, Dolphin Dolphin 5, Dolphin TopStar platin, Dolphin X90, Dolphin Zenit 30, M500, Dolphin Triton 2014, Dolphin Swash CL, Cosmos 20, Dolphin Swash CL, Dolphin Cosmos 30, Dolphin DX5, Dolphin SCOOP COMFORT, Dolphin Evolution 35, Dolphin MAESTRO 35, Dolphin PoolBot PB35, Dolphin CARRERA 35, Dolphin Cainan 3, Dolphin E35, Dolphin ENERGY 300, Dolphin EX30, Dolphin FORMULA 35, Dolphin SCOOP DELUXE, Dolphin Evolution 40i, Dolphin MAESTRO 40i, Dolphin MR 40i, Dolphin Avalon 40i, Dolphin CARRERA 40i, Dolphin Cainan 3i, Dolphin E40i, Dolphin ENERGY 300i, Dolphin EX30i, Dolphin FORMULA 40i, Dolphin HAMMER i, Dolphin TRX 4, Dolphin S300, Dolphin S300, S300i, Dolphin S300i, S300i BIO, POOLSTYLE 35, Dolphin SX 35, Z2C, Dolphin Blue Maxi 35, Dolphin POOLSTYLE 35, Dolphin SX 35, Dolphin Z2C, POOLSTYLE 40i, Dolphin SM 40i, SX 40i, Dolphin Blue Maxi 40i, Dolphin WOLLY 40i, Dolphin POOLSTYLE 40i, Dolphin SM 40i, Dolphin SX 40i, Dolphin Z3i, Dolphin E50i, S400, Dolphin S400, Dolphin Blue Maxi 50i, Dolphin POOLSTYLE 50i, Dolphin X55, Dolphin Premier, Wave 30, Dolphin Wave 30, M400

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