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Free Shipping on all orders!

Jandy Pool & Spa Heating

Jandy Pool & Spa Heating


The perfect pool is neither too hot nor too cold. A comfortable and enjoyable 77-85 degrees provides the optimal experience, but depending on where you live and what your climate is, keeping a continuous temperature throughout the summer season, or even all year long, will likely require heating your pool.

A pool heater or a pool heat pump are the most common heating solutions that allow you to extend your swimming season. Both enable energy-efficient heating for every budget, and there are various factors to consider when determining which is the best heating solution for your pool.


Providing industry-leading engineering, Jandy’s innovative line of pool heaters and heat pumps are designed to deliver quality, energy-efficient heating solutions so you can enjoy a longer swim season in your pool.

  • Energy-Efficient Operation
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Reliable Performance
  • Easy Installation