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Free Shipping on all orders!
Introducing the Jandy Hi-E2 ASME Pool & Spa Heater

Introducing Jandy Hi-E2 ASME Pool and Spa Heaters

Compact Efficiency That Lasts

The most popular pool heater among pros, the Hi-E2® sets the standard with a proven in-use record of over 20 years of reliable performance. Ultra-efficient with a low-maintenance design the Hi-E2 is small, lightweight, and easy to install indoors.

  • Compact and Lightweight: 33% smaller footprint, 42% smaller in volume, and 34% lighter than the leading competitor
  • Best Indoor Installation: Direct connection of PVC venting and intake air provides flexible indoor installation with no additional parts
  • Ultra-Efficient Heating: Features an impressive 95% heating efficiency rating and reduces operating costs by 15% or more*
  • Long-Lasting: Over 20 years of proven in-use performance

*Versus 399K BTU heater with minimum DOE efficiency of 82%.


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